Julie Hauwaert – Trade & Consumer Engagement Coordinator- Philip Morris

“Philip Morris’s team said to me that the trip was fantastic. Their clients were very glad.”


Francoise SELLIER, Executive Assistant – EPPS

“Dear Aude, The result is very positive, the choice of the restaurant was just perfect. Courses and wine were greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your help and see you soon for new events.”


Tancrède, chief executive – VERING

“Dear Aude and Thierry, I wanted to tell you how glad we were concerning yesterday evening. All the guests were charmed by the place, the songs and the organization without flaw. I did appreciate your professionalism to manage efficiently and discreetly all the participants during the evening.”


Michel Duffour, General Secretary – GRUPPO BIPIEMME VITA

“Dear Jessica, Agathe, Nathalie et Thierry, I would just like to tell you “COMPLIMENTI” and “GRAZIE». It was really a great pleasure to work with such a nice and professional staff. We were statisfied beyond our  expectations judging from all the feedback we had last Saturday evening and Sunday on our arrival in Milan. Richard Ellero’s mailbox has been overflowing with grateful messages since this morning. Bipiemme Vita has never experienced such a succesful training trip. Thank you very much. Kind regards.”


Stéphanie GARNIER

“Aude, Thierry, the bus left quickly, I didn’t have enough time to say bye and thanks for everything, 2 days really incredible. Have a nice weekend.”


Frédérique Charier, Communication Manager – INTERSAFE ABRIUM

“What a beautiful day! A complete success with an excellent feedback! Many thanks for your perfect organization during that day! See you soon for further events!”


Kristine Vial, Executive Marketing Assistant – GEOPOST

“Thank you so much for the organization of our lunch, everybody was delighted!”


Marie Christine Batsalle, Marketing manager – LOXAM

“Thank you for your perfect organisation.”


Klaus Engberg, Senior Vice President – MAN DIESEL & TURBO

“Close to two weeks have passed since we were in Versailles and since then we have received many nice letters from our licensees telling us the same: Licence Days 2012 was a success! On behalf of all my colleagues I would like to thank you for your contribution in making this a true success.”


Julien Meghira – ALSTOM

“I wanted to thank you for the quality of the services provided by Tiveria. Everything was fine. I wish you all the best. We look forward to working with you again.”


GAZ DE FRANCE – V. Vercellino

“Our seminar was a success. It perfectly suited our needs and our guests were delighted. Thank you for your attention. I will contact you again if necessary. Best regards”.


IRISBUS IVECO- Solène GRANGE, Communication & Promotion France

“On behalf of the whole team Irisbus Iveco, I would like to thank you for you help, your efficiency and reactivity. Our manager is delighted with all the operations you carried out during that week. We will surely have the opportunity to work together again. Best regards”.


DUNOD EDITEURS – Florence Martin, Director of Communication

“Dear Mr. Héraut, once again congratulations and thank you for yesterday. Your contribution has been very useful considering the complexity of the return trips. Thank you for your negotiation. Best regards and see you soon in Lyon!”.


Alexandra – SOHO

“Hello, I would like to inform you that our CEO was satisfied with the seminar we held with your help. Everything fully complied with our requirements. The Parisians and we arrived on time this morning. Everything went peacefully and orderly. Thank you for your involvement during the stay. We will contact you soon for our future seminar. You may send us the offers once they are finished. We will send you a new brief account according to the guidelines that the direction wishes to take for « the 25th anniversary of SOHO. Thank you once again for all and we will call you soon”.



“ERO Industrie and our clients have been entirely satisfied with their day spent at the hippodrome, and I have been personally fully satisfied with your services. Thank you and see you soon”.


Pavillon Royal Party, Ophthalmology Congress, Corneal Party”

“Dear Mr. HERAUT, it’s been now more than three weeks since our party took place. Time flies! The party was a success, we loved the setting, and the service perfectly met our requirements. Most of the employees were satisfied. Thank you for your help. Yours faithfully”. Marketing and Communication Assistant – Corneal Laboratory®


Rita – CNP

“That operation was appreciated even though our day spent working in the train. Our aim to have our employees work together on the second day was achieved. Thank you for telling your team that we really appreciated their good mood… THANKS FOR ALL and especially for the great pictures that I am attaching immediately”.



“I just want to thank you for organizing the event in such a short time !! The group was really happy. They enjoyed themselves and the sponsor appreciated the twists and turns during the treasure hunt. Indeed, it is not the team which found the treasure which won, but another one which found the code. Thank you again for all and see you very soon hopefully! Best regards”.



“Hello Bernard, I want to thank you for all the moments we shared together during the Cascais convention. I really enjoyed it! Both professionally, thanks to the high quality of the lectures, and culturally. It made me discover just a little part of a country I didn’t know, and meet professionals! Everything was perfect! Thank you to Freddy; we also really appreciated Celia, our guide, who enables us to discover her country with her good mood and sense of humor! It is worth mentioning it! Best wishes”.


Anne MAULANDI – Eurocopter

“Dear sir, I haven’t really unwound yet but I wanted to tell you that I was fully satisfied with that party: everything was perfect and the President himself came up to thank me for that event (he even did it again the day after at the Bourget). The VIP peoples reluctantly that magical place!! The whole Tiveria staff, especially Céline and the whole Butard Enescot staff were at the top level. (Actually I was treated like a queen) !!! Thank you and congratulations to all of you. I hope to see you soon for a future event”.





Carole DE SOUSA-LE CAILLEC, District Assistant of Bassin de Paris – VERMILION

“First of all, thank you for the organization and the smooth running of Friday evening. All our colleagues were delighted, please send my thanks to your service providers.”


Sylvie PASSAT, Communication Manager- LOXAM RENTAL

“I wanted to thank both of you for your precious support last evening. And share with you the compliments received since this morning. This event was a success and our collaboration too.”


Johana Rambisson, Management Support Executive VISA

“I want to thank Tiveria for this successfull organization and most particulary you for your listening your patience, and your professionalism. The event has been really successful. I received a lot of emails from the participants to thank me for this event.”


Michel Baumgartner – KELLEN EUROPE

“I would like to thank you for your support. Everything has been fine and we did appreciate your very professional way to handle difficult issues during the convention. Looking forward to working with you again.”


Delphine Pennec, Marketing Operations and Internal Communications Manager – FENWICK

“This 2012 movie theme end of-year-party was a great success: high-quality activities run by a dynamic and friendly team, perfectly set the pace of that event! We would like to share with you all the really positive feedback from our colleagues. All our congratulations for that flawless organization, and special thanks to Jessica for her efficiency and her smile!”


Irène Balavoine, HR manager – CAVAMAC

“Once again, I would like to thank you for the quality of the services provided yesterday as well as the professionalism you showed. The feedbacks from the whole staff, including our manager, are very positive.”



“First, congratulations, everything was PERFECT! We have very positive feedbacks from our colleagues who wish to repeat that adventurous experience… Not to mention the Partners who sincerely loved the event… To be continued! Looking forward to seeing you. Best wishes”.


EADS TELECOM – Annie Paterek, External Communication Manager

“All the messages of thanks from our clients and the EADS TELECOM staff who attended the party the 20th May show that that event was a success, thanks to the quality of the show as well as its organization. I wanted to thank you and all your staff who took part in the organization of that event and contributed to its success. Thank you for passing on this message to the theater managers. Best regards”.


Works Council POLYSIUS SAS

“Dear sir, we wanted to thank you for yesterday. The show was really appreciated by the children as well as their parents. The company was very professional and managed to draw the attention of the children who are still talking about it. The food was excellent and the service was very pleasant. The morning was a bit spoiled by our delay, which upset us…. Nevertheless the merry-go-rounds and the joy of the children made us forget about this inconvenience. We will no doubt come back to you for other events planned in 2006. Have a nice day”.



“Hello Joelle, a day off to recover and be in top form for the week… Nathalie and I want to thank you for the organization. We spent a wonderful weekend, everyone was delighted and grateful. The hotel was splendid, the activities were great and everyone really appreciated your kindness. As one of our partners said ‘ we will contact you for our next event…’ Looking forward to your final budget! Thanks again and see you soon!”


Patrice Pasquier – GM Promega Tunisie

“Hello, Just to let you know the participants’ comments on the comfort. As you can see, it is overall very positive. Have a nice day”.


Annick – Market Marketing Manager Promega France

“Thank you very much for your precious help and your support during our successful meeting. The participants have been captivated by the setting and services. We had a great weekend and what a contrast with our arrival in Lyon in a heavy downpour !!! Many thanks to Mohamed and his dates that we all savor. I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together again, probably next April with Mr. Pasquier. All the best”.



“Thank you! Going back to work was not easy indeed after my relaxing and gastronomic stay!! What a nice country and what a delicious food! I can’t wait to get back there within 3 weeks! I also received the CD, which reminded me of that nice evening in that magical setting! I will contact you again as soon as possible. Congratulations again for the organization. Say hello to Freddy for me. I wish you all the best too”.



“I am writing you to thank you for your presence, your kindness as well as your availability. We were delighted with all the services during our stay, and we really appreciated the efficiency and reactivity of the Tiveria staff at all times, before and during our stay”.


Nathalie – EMERA

“Many many thanks for that nice afternoon and the professionalism of your team… The pictures are nice and I have very good feedback about your services. Best regards”.



“Thank you for the party last Friday, It was really nice and I only had positive feedback about it. The pictures, the dancers, the food, the technique, the setting and your welcome were really excellent. Let me point out that we deeply appreciated your professionalism and your enthusiasm. Best regards”.


Claudine Fabbricatore – Trade Event Coordinator Philip Morris Belgium BVBA

“Dear Thierry, I am writing to thank you for the event in Bordeaux, which was a real success. The clients as well as the Team PMB/H appreciated the quality as well as the flexibility of the programme. Thanks again. See you soon”.






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